In an ever-evolving market, we're constantly innovating to put our customers one step ahead of the competition.

Broad Resin Portfolio

CET Films’ expertise includes extruding a wide range of thermoplastic resins, such as:

  • Rigid PVC
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • Co-Polyester
  • Modified Styrene
  • Polypropylene and a host of other functional resins.

Specialty Additives

CET Films has partnered with several leading plastic additive suppliers, giving it the capability to produce functional films with unique properties. Ultraviolet light blockers, deglossers, and flame retardant additives are but a short list of properties CET Films can custom compound into plastic films.

Custom Embossing

For more than 40 years, CET Films has been a leading manufacturer of deep embossed films for specialty packaging and P.O.P displays. We have developed hundreds of custom patterns and custom colors that help our customers visually communicate a unique and memorable corporate image.

CET Films has the ability to emboss patterns directly into films. Compared to our competitors who emboss into a coating on the film, CET Films’ process produces a cleaner, crisper, and more secure image. This process is excellent for producing long lasting images for the graphics market, and durable, safer images for the secure card and ID markets.

Wide Web & Thin Gauge Films

Wide web cast extrusion capability allows CET Films to produce films as wide as 64.5” and as thin as 2 mils. With a sophisticated gauge control system, CET Films can extrude films within tight tolerances and with consistency. CET Films can extrude thickness ranging from 2 mils to 20 mils.

CET Films’ capability to extrude wider and thinner films opens up new opportunities for applications such as consumer packaging, POP displays, large format printing, fleet graphics, and nameplates and labels.

Custom Colors

CET Films is renowned for its ability to match colors. In its 40 year history, CET Films has produced hundreds of different custom colors.

CET Films’ ability to color its resins in line allows greater flexibility to extrude smaller minimum production runs. It also allows better color control when matching batch to batch.

Product Development

CET Films has a robust in house product development process, and has created a strong network of world class suppliers. Utilizing our in-house expertise, and drawing upon our strong supplier technical network, CET Films has the ability to analyze, and often offer unique materials solutions. Due to our streamlined development process, we are often able to offer solutions within weeks, rather than months or even years.

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