• Impact Modified Acrylic

    Available for your toughest outdoor applications, you can trust impact modified acrylics in any weather condition.

    Impact Modified Acrylic

    Impact Modified Acrylic films are perfect for outdoor applications and applications where chemicals will be used. It’s outstanding weatherability, UV protection, and chemical resistance make it the perfect choice for reflective signage, capping film, gas pump graphics, in mold decorated parts and industrial/building applications. We have acrylic films, with varying degrees of UV protection, to meet your most demanding application requirements.

    Inherent Properties

    CET Films have partnered with world renowned acrylic resin manufacturers allowing us a “multi source “ of supply, with numerous resin packages, to meet the challenging requirements of our customer base. Impact modified acrylic films are weatherproof, UV stable, chemical resistant, abrasion resistance, thermoformable and can be printed with various printing techniques. Ease of processing allows you to laminate, laser cut, emboss, die-cut and thermoform parts.

    CET Capabilities

    CET Films can corona treat 2 sides of our film within our extruding process.

    Our process capabilities allow us to introduce additives at the extrusion line – some of the additives that we are currently working with are various UV packages, low gloss and high gloss additives.

    Inline extrusion lamination allows us to laminate film while we are extruding another film. The end product produces a 2 layer construction. If the application warrants a third layer we can send the 2 layer combination thru our process again thus creating a 3 layer construction.

    Form and Function

    CET Films are available in gauges from .002” to .020”. Material can be provided in rolls or sheets up to 64.5” wide. Surface textures include – velvet/matte, velvet/polish, velvet/fine matte, matte/polish, matte/fine matte, matte/fine velvet, brushed/polish, and polish/polish. Custom colors are available in transparent, translucent and opaque. We have the ability to emboss patterns directly in our films. Our emboss process produces a cleaner, crisper and more secure image. Our in house converting department allows us to offer custom sheeting and slitting to your specification.


    Our acrylic films are well known and widely recognized as the first choice for lawn and garden equipment, bath and shower surrounds, reflective traffic signage, gas pump graphics, nameplate, labels, decals, in mold decorated parts, automotive and transportation, architectural, outdoor menu boards, and lamination applications.

    Potential Applications

    • Architecture

    • Automotive

    • Bathroom

    • Electronic & Applicances

    • Graphic

    • Outdoor Equipment

    Material Properties

    • • Abrasion resistant
    • • Printable
    • • UV Resistant
    • • Chemical Resistant
    • • Thermoformable
    • • embossable
    • • Weatherable
    • • Diecut
    • • Lasecut

    CET Capabilities

    Custom Color | Custom Embossing
    Special Additives | Corona Treating
    Metalization. Learn More

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