• Polycarbonate

    High quality polycarbonate films that are useful, durable and reliable for a range of applications.


    For over 40 years CET Films has been providing our customers a competitive edge for all their polycarbonate requirements. Our proprietary extrusion process allows us to produce wider and thinner films without sacrificing quality or durability. We have polycarbonate films to meet your most demanding application requirements – from graphic grade films, secure cards and medical packaging to automotive and theatrical lighting.

    Inherent Properties

    Our polycarbonate films are made from the highest quality resin. We work with many different resin packages to meet your most demanding requirements. With the growing number of high impact film applications - polycarbonate is the first choice due to it’s inherent nature of outstanding durability and dimensional stability. Ease of processing allows you to print, laser engrave, hot stamp, emboss, die-cut and thermoform parts.

    CET Capabilities

    CET Films can corona treat 2 sides of our film within our extrusion process.

    Our process capabilities allow us to introduce additives at the extrusion line – some of the additives you will find in polycarbonate are flame retardants, laser engravable, UV packages and static dissipative to name a few.

    Inline extrusion lamination allows us to laminate film while we are extruding another film. The end product produces a 2 layer construction. If the application warrants a third layer we can send the 2 layer combination thru our process again thus creating a 3 layer construction.

    Form and Function

    CET Films are available in gauges from .002” to .020”. Material can be provided in rolls or sheets up to 64.5” wide. Surface textures include – velvet/matte, velvet/polish, velvet/fine matte, matte/polish, matte/fine matte, matte/fine velvet, brushed/polish, and polish/polish. Custom colors are available in transparent, translucent and opaque. We have the ability to emboss patterns directly in our films. Our emboss process produces a cleaner, crisper and more secure image. Our in house converting department allows us to offer custom sheeting and slitting to your specification.


    Our polycarbonate films are well known and widely recognized as the first choice for security cards, security documents, nameplate, labels, decals, instrument panel overlays, membrane switch overlays, menu boards, backlit displays, floor graphics, speedometer clusters, thermoformed medical packaging, and theatrical lighting.

    Potential Applications

    • Architecture

    • Automotive

    • Electronic & Applicances

    • Graphic

    • Medical

    • Private Security

    Technical Data Sheets

    Clariguard - Technical Information Clariguard - Technical Information (105 KB)

    Polycarbonate (Clear) - Tech Data Sheet Polycarbonate (Clear) - Tech Data Sheet (439 KB)

    Polycarbonate (White Opaque) - Tech Data Sheet Polycarbonate (White Opaque) - Tech Data Sheet (436 KB)

    Material Properties

    • • Printable
    • • Thermoformable
    • • Embossable
    • • Flame Retardant
    • • Laser Engraveable
    • • Diecut

    CET Capabilities

    Custom Color | Custom Embossing
    Special Additives | Corona Treating
    Metalization. Learn More

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