• Claricap™

    Claricap Clear offers an exceptional printing surface for impactful, realistic images and textures while Claricap Color provides customizable color uniformity.


    Our clear and custom colored extruded capping films offer exceptional consistency, durablity and flexibility.

    Because Claricap™ is comprised of 100% impact modified acrylic resin; it provides exceptional UV protection and abrasion resistance. Unlike blown acrylic films, CET Films’ extruded acrylic cap films, exhibit no gels and no die lines. Claricap™ provides exceptional clarity and consistent gloss level control, including low gloss options. Available in standard and custom colors out to 64.5 inches wide, and a variety of custom thicknesses, Claricap™ is also print and paintable.

    CLARICAP™ Benefits

    • Does not exhibit die lines, gels and surface imperfections, characteristic of blown films.
    • Available in wide range of standard and custom colors in high and low gloss finishes.
    • Laminates over PVC, ABS, PC & HIPS.
    • Printable using a wide range of print technologies, including screen printing, digital, UV, flexographic, and rotogravure.
    • Paintable with no priming necessary.
    • Thermoformable, surface finishes are maintained during the thermoforming process.
    • Superior clarity of the film allows for the reproduction of sharper, better looking graphics, when the film is printed second surface.
    • Fungus and mildew resistant.
    • Abrasion resistant

    Recommended Applications

    • RV, Travel Trailer and Mobile Home Components
    • Marine Dashboard & Consoles, Tables, Enclosures
    • Bath Tubs, Shower Enclosures, Sinks & Spas
    • Skylights, Window Profiles, Shutters
    • OEM Equipment Rooftops, Dashboard & Consoles
    • Snowmobile & Jet Ski Housings
    • Appliance Parts

    Potential Applications

    • Architecture

    • Automotive

    • Bathroom

    • Outdoor Equipment

    Product Information

    Claricap - Product Information Claricap - Product Information (1767 KB)

    Technical Data Sheets

    Claricap (Acrylic) - Tech Data Sheet Claricap (Acrylic) - Tech Data Sheet (144 KB)

    Claricap (PETg) - Tech Data Sheet Claricap (PETg) - Tech Data Sheet (78 KB)

    Claricap (T) - Tech Data Sheet Claricap (T) - Tech Data Sheet (145 KB)

    Material Properties

    • • Abrasion resistant
    • • Printable
    • • UV Resistant
    • • Chemical Resistant
    • • Thermoformable
    • • Embossable
    • • Weatherable
    • • Diecut
    • • Lasercut

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