• PVC

    Versatile, long-lasting and strong- PVC is just what you need for your next project.


    Our PVC film is produced by a cast extrusion process NOT a calendared process. Cast extrusion produces no die lines, fewer gels and no black specs. CET Films offers a wide range of rigid PVC products. We have the ability to formulate a product to meet your needs for chemical resistance, tensile and impact strength, UV and weathering properties, and most importantly - fire and smoke retardants. PVC is easy to emboss. Choose from a variety of standard embossing patterns or we can custom create a pattern specific to your application.

    Inherent Properties

    PVC is naturally UV stable and great for outdoor graphic applications. It’s superior orientation and excellent ink receptability makes PVC a first choice for the printing market. PVC can be thermal printed and is widely used in the gift card and secure card markets.

    CET Capabilities

    CET Films can corona treat 2 sides of our film within our extruding process.

    We offer metalized PVC film up to 64.5” wide. Metallized PVC films have always been popular for decorating racecars, billboards, and short-term promotional signage. The distinctive look of these eye-catching films adds value to your designs, which results in higher selling prices and profits.

    Our process capabilities allow us to introduce additives at the extrusion line. Some of the many additives we offer are UV packages, flame retardants, static dissipative, etc. We also offer FDA resin grades for those highly specialized applications.

    Inline extrusion lamination allows us to laminate film while we are extruding another film. The end product produces a 2 layer construction. If the application warrants a third layer we can send the 2 layer combination thru our process again thus creating a 3 layer construction.

    Form and Function

    CET Films are available in gauges from .002” to .020”. Material can be provided in rolls or sheets up to 64.5” wide. Surface textures include – velvet/matte, velvet/polish, velvet/ fine matte, matte/polish, matte/fine matte, matte/fine velvet, brushed/polish, and polish/ polish. Custom colors are available in transparent, translucent and opaque. We have the ability to emboss patterns directly in our films. Our emboss process produces a cleaner, crisper and more secure image. Our in house converting department allows us to offer custom sheeting and slitting to your specification.


    PVC films are well known and widely recognized as the first choice for gift cards, credit cards, sign lettering and graphics, box lid and folding cartons for cosmetic and industrial packaging, printing and lamination, flooring overlays, spiral bind and report covers, decorative / novelty films, lamp shades and ceiling films.

    Potential Applications

    • Architecture

    • Consumer Packaging

    • Graphic

    • Private Security

    Material Properties

    • • Printable
    • • UV Resistant
    • • Chemical Resistant
    • • Flame Retardant
    • • Thermoformable
    • • Embossable
    • • Weatherable
    • • Diecut

    CET Capabilities

    Custom Color | Custom Embossing
    Special Additives | Corona Treating
    Metalization. Learn More

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