• Security Films

    Innovate on projects large and small by combining our advanced materials and 40 years of expertise.

    Security Films

    With additive and embossing technologies, quick lead times, and reasonable minimums, we deliver unique security film solutions to the ID and smart card industries.

    Using resins such as polycarbonate, co-polyesters, and rigid PVC’s CET Films combines it’s additive and embossing technologies to deliver unique solutions to the card industry. Integral Security Films are also available in clear, white and custom colors, and in a variety of thickness in either rolls or sheets.

    CET’s laser engravable films allow for laser imaging at higher production speeds, and at higher resolutions, than other laser engravable films. Available in a host of resins, Integral laser engravable films deliver better looking product at reduced operating costs.

    With CET’s unique embossing technology, we emboss directly into the film, creating a crisp and clean image. Whether it be a wall paper pattern, or a repeating hologram, CET can create a higher level of security to holographic films.

    Clariguard™ films are also printable using most printing processes including offset, UV or screen print processes.

    With 40 years of technical expertise, CET Films can provide you with customized material solutions to satisfy your specific security applications.

    Recommended Applications

    • Passports
    • Machine Readable Travel Documents
    • Security Documents
    • Driver's Licenses
    • National ID Cards
    • Credit Cards

    Clariguard™ Benefits

    Laser engravable films

    • Engrave at higher production speeds, reducing manufacturing costs.
    • Engraves at higher resolutions for a photographic image quality.
    • Higher clarity for unimpeded view of the finished product.

    Embossed Films

    • Secure images by embossing directly into film, without coatings
    • Create a more crisp and clean image than other holographic embossing techniques.

    Potential Applications

    • Government Security

    • Graphic

    • Private Security

    Product Information

    Security Films - Product Information Security Films - Product Information (1769 KB)

    Technical Data Sheets

    Clariguard - Technical Information Clariguard - Technical Information (105 KB)

    Polycarbonate (Clear) - Tech Data Sheet Polycarbonate (Clear) - Tech Data Sheet (439 KB)

    Polycarbonate (White Opaque) - Tech Data Sheet Polycarbonate (White Opaque) - Tech Data Sheet (436 KB)

    Material Properties

    • • Abrasion resistant
    • • Printable
    • • UV Resistant
    • • Chemical Resistant
    • • Thermoformable
    • • Embossable
    • • Weatherable
    • • Diecut
    • • Lasecut

    CET Capabilities

    Custom Color | Custom Embossing
    Special Additives | Corona Treating
    Metalization. Learn More

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